A Lightweight Tabs Manager for Google Chrome™

Search, preview, jump across, and close tabs quickly.

From this, to this


No background process and No bloated library, only pure Javascript.

Free and Open Source

Extension is completely free and source code is on github and you are most welcome to contribute my friend.

Alt+Space keyboard shortcut

Just to speed things up, open -> choose tab -> close, all from the keyboard itself.

Search and jump

Quickly type a few words from title or url and jump on the right tab.

Navigate as you like

Hover, single click or double click, navigate the way you like.

Close unwanted tabs with ease

Get rid of all those unnecessary tabs after the debugging session ;)

Multi-window support

Shows all the tabs from all the windows of current user.

No privacy concern

Don't worry about your privacy, this extension doesn't store or send any data.